10 Best Acne Products

Acne and Pimples scare teens as they spoil their beauty as well as confidence. Many factors cause acne which include from hormonal changes to environmental pollution.

Sebum secreted from sebaceous glands of skin gets clogged in skin pores along with dirt, dry skin cells, dead skin cells and impurities along with bacteria acting on it result in acne and pimples.

Many cosmetic and medical products are available in market which works effectively in getting rid of acne and pimples. Opt for good and efficient product that claim high benefits with less side effects.

  • Tips to follow to prevent acne
  • Wash your face frequently to remove dirt
  • Use sunscreen lotion to prevent from sunlight and other radiations
  • Cover your face with scarf to prevent dirt and pollution
  • Use less makeup and it is preferable to use organic products for makeup which cause less damage to skin
  • Keep your hands out of face
  • Avoid greasy and oily products
  • Exercise regularly
  • Use Moisturizer daily

Here are some of the top products that include herbals, organic, medical and cosmetic products to deal with acne and pimples which show very effective and visible effect in very less time.

10 Best Acne Products

1. Retino-A (Tretinoin):

Retino –A is good, popular and complete spot treatment for acne. Little amount of it shows a surprising effect on your skin as it smoothens skin texture along with acting against acne. Tretinoin helps in reducing the pimple scars and popped pimples. This product is available only with doctor prescription.

2. Avene Diacneal:

It is available in local chemists and can be also purchased from online. Avene diacneal is alternative for Retino-A. Its main components are retinolaldehyde and glycolic acid. The product acts on existing acne and also prevents further acne breakouts.

The price ranges from Rs 1300 for 30 ml.

3. Kaya Purifying Spot corrector:

It has intensive and exclusive spot clearing and correcting ingredients. Kaya acts immediately on acne and gives instant results in fighting against acne and helps to get rid off them.

The unique light and clear gel formula of kaya gets absorbed onto skin easily and dries quickly fading the spots and blemishes.

The main components of the Kaya purifying spot corrector is salicylic acid which helps in healing pimples and Glycolic acid that helps to fade blemishes. The cost of this product is Rs 350

4. Revlon Touch and Glow Pimple corrector:

This product contains salicylic acid, Acnacidol along with hazel extracts which helps in skin healing and clearance of pimples. Revlon pimple corrector also reduces sebum thereby prevents its clogging in pores which cause acne breakouts.

This product also acts on blackheads and helps to get flawless and smooth skin.

5. Neutrogena Deep clean acne cream:

This product is very effective for oily skin. The benzoyl peroxide in it helps to fight against acne and helps in skin smooth and flawless.

Avoid using this product if you have dry skin as this product may leave your skin dry and dull skin.

6. Garnier Skin naturals pure pimple control pen:

This product is a clear gel which is dermatologically tested and is very effective in clearing pimples and acne. The pimple cream contains natural herbs and ingredients which helps in fighting against pimple and gives flawless and smooth skin.

The gel is also nourished with Vitamin B3, eucalyptus and menthol which nourishes skin and acts as bactericidal along with fading pimples.

The cost of this product is Rs 99

7. Himalaya Acne and Pimple Cream:

This product is made with pure herbal formulations which include alum, extracts of silk cotton tree, extracts of the chaste with five leaves and Barbados aloe. This herbal formulation helps in fighting against bacteria causing acne and also promotes skin healing, check infections, skin breakouts, inflammations and other skin damage. Because of its herbal formulation Himalaya acne and pimple cream is 100 % natural and safe for all skin types. This cream gives a cooling and soothing effect to your skin and can be used daily to prevent acne.

The price of this product is Rs 68

8. Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Vanishing Acne Treatment Gel:

This gel is dermatologically tested and is light gel like formula which reduces pimple size and redness in just 4 hours. Clearasil Pimple clearing gel contain 2% salicylic acid which is effective in controlling and fighting against acne and pimples. Use it once to thrice a day for quick results after cleansing your face.

Many new Clearasil products like face washes, creams, gel etc are introduced into market which show more effectiveness and with new formulations for daily skin care.

9. No marks anti acne Pimple cram:

This product not only prevents acne but also removes blemishes and marks and gives fair, glowing complexion. The ayurvedic formulation of the product which include turmeric, clove and licorice give flawless skin by removing pimples and blemishes. No marks anti acne pimple cream also show antiseptic, antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties along with giving cooling effect to skin. It also helps in skin healing and can be used daily for effective results.

10. VLCC 3 day acne corrector:

This product is enriched with clove, menthol and salicylic acid along with other ingredients which helps in terminating acne and pimples. Clove shows antibacterial and antimicrobial effect which helps in purifying and cleansing skin thereby preventing outbreak and recurrence of acne and pimple. Menthol in this product helps in deodorizing and soothing effect and also helps in revitalizing skin. Salicylic acid accelerates pimple drying and also controls excess oil secretions thereby preventing occurrence of acne and pimple. As the name indicates it shows visible results in 3 days along with blemish free and fair skin.

Regular use of this product makes your skin free from acne and also gives fair and smooth skin. Consult dermatologist if outbreak of acne and pimple is severe.

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