10 Most Common Causes of Bladder Cancer in Women

A cause is anything that will change your chances of getting affected by disease like cancer. Different diseases have different causes. Main causes of bladder cancer in women are like smoking, alcohol intake. Bladder cancer can be caused by the uncontrolled growth of the cells in the bladder wall. Mostly it will affect people who are more than 50 years of age.

Actual causes of bladder cancer are still not clear, but some risk factors are known as to increase the risk of getting this. Smokers and alcoholics are at more risk of getting bladder cancer. People who are getting exposed to chemicals that are used in the manufacturing industries are associated with the increased risk of getting bladder cancer. Being infected with the parasites in tropical areas can also increase the risk of getting bladder cancer.

1. Smoking:

This is the most common cause of bladder cancer. Chain smokers are 3 times more likely to get the bladder cancer as compared to nonsmokers. 50 % of bladder cancers are happening due to smoking only.

2. Workplace Exposure to Chemicals:

Some chemicals used in industries have been causing bladder cancer. Chemicals like beta-naphtylamine and benzidine, and aromatic amines, which are used in dye industry, may cause bladder cancer in women and men. Workplace exposure and cigarrete smoking may perform collectively to cause bladder cancer.

3. Age:

Risk of being affected by bladder cancer can increase with the age. 9 out of 10 people who affected by the bladder cancer are above 55 years of age.

4. Ethnicity and Race:

Whites are more prone to get the bladder cancer compared to Asian women. Asian Americans, American Indians, and Americans have slightly lower rates of getting bladder cancer. Still the reason behind this is not clear.

5. Bladder Birth Defects:

Before the birth, usually there is a link between belly button and bladder. This is known as the urachus, usually goes away before the birth. Sometimes part of this link may remain after the birth, which could cause cancer.

6. Cancer therapy:

Women who received radiation therapy to treat cervical cancer can be at high risk of developing bladder cancer. Some kind of drugs that are used in chemotherapy to treat cancer can also pose an elevated risk.

7. Inflammation of the bladder:

Women with cystitis or chronic bladder inflammation have a great risk of developing squamous cell bladder cancer. This inflammation is due to the use of urinary catheter for extended periods. Also there is a parasitic infection that can lead to chronic inflammation of the bladder that can be linked to squamous cell carcinoma risk.

8. Family:

women who have any of the family members with bladder cancer are at higher risk of developing bladder cancer.

9. Consuming less fluid:

Women who don’t drink enough fluids are at higher risk for bladder cancer when compared to women who drink lot of fluids. When you drink more water, you will empty your bladder more often which keeps the chemical from lingering in their bodies.

10. Diabetes:

Women who have diabetes are at 40% higher risk of developing bladder cancer.

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