Careers In Anatomy And Physiology

The health care industry is one of the largest around the world. This means that those people who have specialised in medical careers will always be in demand. Due to diverse and limitless areas that one can specialize in, it will always continue to create positions for those people with a broad range of education backgrounds. Most careers in anatomy and physiology are considered as being lucrative and they remain to be competitive in the job market. Some of the careers that one can specialise in anatomy and physiology include the following;

1. Pharmacist

One can prefer to specialise in pharmacy. Upon successful completion of the course one becomes a pharmacist and his or her main role incudes measuring, dispensing and mixing of drugs and other medicines that have been prescribed by qualified and professional physicians or their assistants among other professionals. Therefore, this requires that the pharmacist should have a clear and vivid understanding and a fast knowledge in the consumption, effects and compositions of various drugs that are used. Also, they need to understand how the strength and purity of these drugs can be tested.

2. Respiratory Therapists 

Respiratory therapists are very important and help to play a key role in evaluating, treating and taking care of patients that exhibit some breathing disorders. In this field, they discharge their services to all people including the infants whose lungs have not developed fully to elderly people whose lungs have been affected too. Also, these therapists have the responsibilities of running the ventilators and keeping an eye on them for any mechanical problem that may occur.

3. Registered Nurses (R.N.s)

This is the most crucial part in the field of anatomy and physiology. In this career, the nurses gives care to both the sick and the injured and help them to stay in a stable condition while undergoing treatment. Most of the time, they are concerned with observing, assessing and recording of various symptoms, reactions and the progress of their patients. They also play a key role in helping the physicians during the process of treatment and examinations and also inadministering any kind of medications that they deem better for their patients. In a summery, the nurses provide basic bedside care to their patients.

4. Dental Hygienists 

Dentists play a key role in the provision of preventive dental measures and care and enlightens their patients how to practice an oral hygiene that is good and effective for their health. They help in removing the calculus, any plaque and stain from below and above the gumline. They also help in applying agents that are caries-preventive such as the fissure, pits and the fluorides sealants. Besides, they help in exposing and developing the dental x-rays.

5. Dieticians and Nutritionists

This career is equally important in that it helps in planning nutrition programs and supervising the preparation and serving of different meals in various institutions such as schools and hospitals. Through working in these strategic areas such as public health clinics, organizations that help to maintain health and home health agencies, the nutritionist and dieticians help in determining the needs of individuals by establishing nutritional care plans and instructing the parties concerned on the appropriate measures to take.

6. Physical Therapists

People specialised in this career are concerned with working hard in order to improve the mobility, ease the pain and limit or prevent physical disabilities among various patients suffering from diseases and injuries. Treatment in their case normally includes conducting exercises for patients who lack flexibility and immobility.

7. Psychologists 

Psychologists help in the counselling and guidance process. They help those individuals who are experiencing difficulties in coping with their problems and relationships in every day’s activity. They normally create an environment which is conducive that allows their clients to discuss their problems and feelings in a free and friendly atmosphere. Their main aim is to solve any conflict that might arise in a manner that is more productive and well adjusted.

8. Optometrists

These are concerned with examining the eyes and any other related structure in order to be able to determine the vision problems and any other abnormalities. They help in prescribing lenses or glasses when required and routinely carry out tests on retina diseases and glaucoma.

9. Speech Language Pathologist

Those people who are specialised in this area work with those people who have difficulties in speaking well or cannot understand the language. They normally carry out tests which help to determine the extent and nature of impairments and thus try analysing speech irregularities. For those people who cannot speak completely they normally advise alternative communication systems which may include use of signs when communicating.

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