Dahn Yoga Helps Improve the Health of Self and Others

Programs in yoga, the union of physique and mind, continue to extend in reputation in the United States. Many various yoga programs can be found, although they often share the features of stretching, posture, respiratory, leisure and meditation.

Whereas most People think of yoga as coming the Indian cultural or Hindu traditions, there’s a yoga with extra-than-5,000-yr-old roots in Korea, In its modernized holistic health training version, 30 years outdated, it is called Dahn Yoga and will be realized and practiced on the one hundred twenty Dahn Yoga & Well being Facilities in 15 metropolitan areas of the U.S. Sister Dahn organizations operate in Canada, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Brazil. Worldwide, there are 600 facilities, with around 1,000,000 folks using Dahn Yoga and associated Brain Education methods daily. The originator of Dahn Yoga is Ilchi Lee.

Dahn Yoga is an integrated physique-mind-brain system of exercises for improving the physiquea health, the thoughtsa functionality, and the spirita connection. From practising Dahn Yoga, the results are usually particular person health. But it’s natural for Dahn Yoga practitioners to share what they have learned, instantly or indirectly, with others – family, buddies, office, and community.

Here’s a prime example of the dual set of benefits – self and others – that Dahn Yoga typically produces: Linda is in her early 50s, a school teacher in the Midwest. She began to train at a Dahn Yoga Heart within the Midwest, originally turning into a member to make her middle-aged body extra flexible. However quickly she discovered that Dahn gave her many extra benefits.

As Linda put it, “Within the first 12 months of practising Dahn Yoga frequently, m life modified completely. Sure, I achieved my original goal – my body became extra flexible. However in addition my general well being condition improved an ideal deal. Particularly, my complications disappeared and my decrease again stopped aching. My physique posture grew to become straighter and my shoulders extra relaxed. I used to be feeling happier too. When I didn’t really feel pain, I was nonetheless able to focus higher on the tasks I was doing. My focus improved tremendously. Projects at home and work had been completed sooner and easier.”

With work often being the most nerve-racking place in peoplea lives, the optimistic results of Dahn Yoga are usually observable there. This happened to Linda, who acknowledged, “Being a schoolteacher exposes me to plenty of annoying situations. But after practicing Dahn Yoga, I became better in a position to deal with even excessive stress ranges around me. I have realized to choose my feelings and am no longer overtaken by them. My reactions have changed. I’m quieter and calmer. The relaxation techniques taught at Dahn Yoga have helped me to turn out to be a greater instructor, co-employee, friend and household member.”

As if these individual benefits from doing Dahn Yoga were not sufficient, folks like Linda often report that they really feel compelled to share their new well being and well being with others. For Linda as a faculty teacher, this meant to teach chosen Dahn Yoga workout routines to her students. As she explained, “I started educating my students (6th and seventh graders) to have good posture and relax their bodies. Earlier than class or checks, we’d do a couple of minutes of exercises and their focus is improved. Since doing these Dahn Yoga workouts, my studentsa?? efficiency went up remarkably. I have taught my students to use extra of their brain potential, which is more possible after they calm down their our bodies by doing Dahn Yoga techniques. Their confidence levels have increased as they had been capable of carry out successfully after doing the Dahn Yoga workout routines, many of them for the primary time of their lives.”

Seeing in the workplace the optimistic results generated by everyone practicing Dahn Yoga can in flip elevate the self-confident and self-esteem of the instructor. In keeping with Linda, “My confidence degree was raised from sharing Dahn Yoga workouts with students and colleagues. I began much more to consider in myself. Talking in public was all the time a challenge for me. Since practising Dahn Yoga, my talking anxiety has disappeared. I now really enjoy public speaking as a result of by sharing my experience I will help others. I have extra to offer my students now that I’ve been doing Dahn Yoga. I’ve change into a much better teacher.”

One other aspect of life that emerges for a lot of Dahn Yoga practitioners is that they need to give extra to the community. In Lindaa case, this led her to a singular volunteering experience. As she expresses it, “I’m teaching Dahn Yoga workout routines to developmentally disabled adults, as a part of an outreach program organized by the nonprofit Dahn Foundation. This is a very rewarding private experience. It feels good to share Dahn Yoga methods with a purpose to add to peoplea well being and happiness. I’ve discovered something that I will proceed to do when I retire – teach Dahn Yoga and unfold health, happiness and peace to other people. Because of Dahn Yoga coaching, I have truly found my life purpose.”

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