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Nasal polyps are characterized by falling drops or grape-shape appear on the internal surface of the nasal. They may or may not accompany with signs and symptoms like pain, snoring sound or even make you feel uncomfortable and unbearable. A small size of nasal polyp can be no symptoms while the large one can block the breathing that leads to any respiratory problems and unable to smell. They are abnormal growths of nasal cells can be related to any inflammation of the nasal cavity, allergies, weak immune system… but do not lead to cancerous.

Nasal polyps’ first signs and symptoms are small teardrops which are soft, nonsensation combines with inflamed nasal cavity( also known as chronic inflammation of the sinuses) that prolonged more than 3 months. Other signs, symptoms include runny nose, stuffy nose, headache, pain in the face or teeth, unable to smell and snoring.

Consults your doctor if you get the symptoms more than ten days. In addition, here are top natural remedies to deal with nasal polyps.

1. Saline water

Saline water has great effects on cleaning the nasal passages, removing the dried mucus, enhancing the nasal cilia function, preventing postnasal drip and also decreasing the risk of infection, keeping suitable moisture for the nasal mucous.

Therefore, daily rinse with saline water solution helps prevent nasal polyps appearance. It’s easy to make your own saline solution by mixing 0.5 teaspoon( equal 2.5 g) of salt, 0.5 teaspoon of Baking soda with a glass of warm water( about 250 ml). Then you can store it on the squeeze bottle or a syringe and clean your nostrils.

2. Fresh onion

Onion is well known as the most effective traditional medicine in many countries. It helps decrease pulmonary congestion and destroy harmful microorganism so it works well on treating nasal polyps.

Cut some bulbs of fresh onion into small pieces then put them into a pot of water, heat it for 7-10 minutes and try to sniff the steam. After that, strain the mixture and consume it several times daily. Do this remedy 2- 3 times per day in 2- 3 weeks.

3. Fresh garlic

The anti- fungal and anti- bacterial effects make it become one of the most natural antibiotic to deal with nasal polyps.

You can use garlic as the same way of fresh onion, inhale the steam and later consume the mixture.

In addition, take some bulbs of fresh garlic, consume it directly to get better results. Eat it 2- 3 times daily in a few weeks.

4. Bath with hot water

The steam of hot water has great effects on nasal polyps which can prevent the problem and also reduce the signs and symptoms. Likewise, you can take hot compress to get rid of it.

5. Tea tree essential

Tea tree essential not only helps to kill bacteria, fungi which are the agents causing sinusitis but also enhances our immune systems. Therefore, it can clear the nostrils by removing the dried mucus and decreasing swelling.

Drop some of tea tree essential over your nasal passage and let it there for a few minutes. Repeat this process several times everyday whenever you feel discomfort.

6. Ginger mixture

Another natural remedy with anti- bacterial, anti- viral and anti- inflammatory effects is fresh ginger. Ginger is useful in treating nasal polyps, relieving pain and boosting your immune system.

You can cut fresh ginger into small slices and boil them in a pot of water for at least 10 minutes. Strain the water and add some lemon juice with sugar or honey, drink the solution 2- 3 times daily in 2 weeks or until you notice change.

7. Consume apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is well known for several purposes like in household, kitchen and even like a traditional medicine. It is made from crushed apple with anti- inflammation, anti- microorganisms benefits so it works well on relieve signs of sore throat, stuffy nose… especially people who get allergy or flu.

This remedy is easy to use. You just add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass of warm water. Besides, you can mix it with 2 teaspoons of honey then consume it twice daily.

8. Horseradish

Horseradish contains large amount of sulfur that help to kill microorganisms and cure infections. If you are seeking for nasal polyps natural treatment, you shouldn’t ignore it. Cause of it strong odor, you should inhale it for a few minutes and then consume it or other way, you can mix it with honey for more flavor before you eat. Take this process 2 times daily in 2 weeks to get better results.

9. Turmeric powder

Turmeric with a considerable amount of curcumin which is a painkiller traditional medicine and relieves swelling as well in chronic sinus inflammation. It also has antibiotic effect and is one of the most effective treatments of nasal polyps.

Mix the turmeric powder with some warm water, then you this solution to gargle your mouth daily.

In addition, mix the powder with a glass of warm milk and consume the mixture every day.

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