Permanent Facial Hair Removal

Many people these days are looking to get rid of body hair. A lot of methods are cumbersome and painful and do not give the results truly looking for. The most frustrating type of excess body hair for women is facial hair. Whilst normal for men, this kind of hair on a woman is considered unnatural and so can prove to be very distressing. Permanent facial hair removal is becoming more and more popular these days because women are tired of having to remove their face hair every day or so.

Visible facial hairs, temporary solutions can be time consuming and ultimately frustrating. Basically, there are various methods of facial hair removal and these include permanent or temporary removal such of shaving, threading, waxing, bleaching. However, this may be painful and the hair will grow back again in no time. How can one get the best permanent facial hair removal without infecting their faces? there are known ways which are safer and which can prevent you from getting infected in the process of facial hair removal. The 2 most popular methods for permanent facial hair removal are “permanent hair removal electrolysis” and “permanent laser hair removal”. Both of these are most effective if they are done by professionals.

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis is method which can produce permanent results. Electrolysis is popular with most people intent on removing their facial hair and it works well. A needle is inserted into the hair and an electric current is passed through to essentially destroy the root. This method can remove hair from most parts of the face except the inside of the nose and ears. It’s important to know that this method is painful, may cause swelling, redness and scabs may appear, cause infections and scarring. Very time consuming as each hair must be dealt with individually.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

The other good facial hair removal method which is permanent is called Laser hair removal. The use of lasers in order to remove unwanted hair is a newer method of hair removal. Laser hair removal is a long lasting way of removing the hair but with a costly price tag. It costs about $500 per visit and numerous visits over many months to achieve results. This method of permanent facial hair removal is also very effective. Any type of laser treatment carries with it risks and it’s important to know the pros and cons. Laser hair removal makes use of an invisible ray of light and a heat source. These two combinations penetrate the hair follicles and disable as well as kill them, without causing any harm to the skin around, and after a few treatments the hairs can be removed permanently. This method causes no known infections and works best for people with lighter skin complexions and darker hair.

Permanent facial hair removal is definitely an option to be considered if you suffer from excess facial hairs, and using the method of laser treatment is the most modern way of removing the hairs instantly and not having to worry. Final method of removal, which causes no infections, is by using an epilator. This is an electrical device that removes hair by the root, for it gripples and pulls out several hairs at a go. Because of each permanent facial hair removal methods have the most common side effects, Before attempting electrolysis, laser and epilator, visit your medical doctor for questions and concerns.

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