Switch To Ayurveda To Bid Adieu To Your Skin Problems!

To get the right treatment for skin problem, you must know your skin type. Ayurvedic Cosmetics Company recommends using herbal products to stay away from skin issues naturally. According to ayurvedic practice, there are three skin types –

  1. Vata
  2. Pitta
  3. Kapha


Vata skin type is usually having dry, thin, sensitive and cool skin. People having Vata skin type are extremely vulnerable to weather conditions and dry windy weather affects their skin the most. This skin type is easily dehydrated. It makes you look aged before time. Skin becomes dry, rough, and flaky when out of balance.

What to do if your skin type comes under Vata?

You must use ayurvedic cosmetics with essential oils that not only nurture your skin but also rehydrate it to keep wrinkles and premature aging signs at bay.


Pitta skin type includes fair, sensitive, warm, and soft skin. People with Pitta skin type are prone to freckles and moles. When Pitta skin type loses its pH balance, an individual needs to deal with rashes, sunspots, or acne.

What to do if your skin type is Pitta?

Since Pitta skin type needs both cooling and nurturing, you must opt for ayurvedic cosmetic products that help protect your skin from UV rays. Sunscreen cream with minimum SPF of 30 should be there in your bag if you are travelling. Make sure you apply it 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. Drink plenty of water and have lemon drink every day.


Kapha skin type includes thick, pale, soft, cool, and sunlight tolerant skin. People with Kapha skin type tend to get age slowly and get minimum wrinkles as compared to vata and pitta. These people may encounter skin issues like dull complexion, excessive oil, enlarged pores, pimples, blackheads, moist types of eczema, and water retention.

What to do if your skin type is Kapha?

People with Kapha skin type need to exfoliate their skin on regular basis. You must clean your skin and remove the dead skin layer by using exfoliating herbal products. Exfoliation helps remove toxins and gives you fresh, younger looking and glowing skin.

Ayurvedic Cosmetics Company also suggests people to include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet to get complete nurturing care. If you are vegetarian and eat lots of fruits and vegetables according to the season, you hardly get skin problems. Veggies have more nutrients as compared to non-vegetarian diet. Eat healthy, include herbs and spices to your dishes and protect yourself from getting sick! For glowing skin, you need to detoxify from within.

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