Treatment For Hair Loss In Women

Hair loss for women can be caused a number of conditions. Some cases of female hair loss are hereditary, while others deal with the disease, hormones, diet and stress.

Hormonal changes are the cause of most hair loss causes. Many women begin to lose their hair when they undergo a change in their estrogen levels. These changes may be pregnant, the discontinuity in birth control pills, abortion, and to take it or leave hormone replacement therapy. These changes affect levels of DHT and estrogen in hair growth and loss process. Birth is a time when many women lose their hair. Pregnant women have high levels of progesterone and lower estrogen levels. This leads them to put their hair in its resting state when the child is born, new hair begins to grow, so the “dormant” follicles looted. Most often occurs after pregnancy hair loss three to six months after pregnancy. Although there is no real cure for this loss, it will be a temporary situation. It is important to realize that if hair loss after pregnancy, hair grows as new and old hair falls. Therefore, the situation is usually temporary and will be resolved by itself.

Illness and physical conditions also play a role in women hair loss: diseases such as anemia, hypothyroidism, anorexia, bulimia, thyroid disease, liver disease, kidney failure and viral infections, fungal or protozoa can all cause hair loss in women. High fever can also cause errors. When body temperature rises high, the cycle of hair growth is altered, sometimes causing the hair loss. With these conditions, the hair grows back normally, if the disease or condition is brought under control. This condition is called effluvium telega.

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Another factor that may cause changes in the cycles of loss and hair growth in women, food and nutrition. The diet should be a woman is high in protein, essential fatty acids and zinc. Deficiencies of these elements can lead to loss and hair loss. The can of vitamin A and prescription drugs related to vitamin skin also cause hair loss in addition to the presence of certain elements such as amphetamines, ant mitotic, anti-cholesterol drugs and anesthesia.

Emotional situations and high levels of stress can also cause hair loss. High levels of stress as a strong correlation with hair loss, especially among women documented. This type of hair loss is deluge effluvium that. Since our hair is one of the first parts of our body to react to emotional and physical stress, this is the first to be affected by stress, which sometimes leads to hair loss. Most women who are affected by the corona telegenic between 40 and 70, but it can certainly occur in women of all ages. The telegenic effluvium hair growth usually self-corrected and normal when the root of the problem is solved.

The treatment for hair loss in women depends on the cause and status of cases. If you know has experienced the temporary loss of hair has come, the most likely solution will be just be patient and your hair will grow back by itself. Permanent hair loss treatments for women include drugs and follicular unit transplantation procedures. To determine the best treatment to contact for your specific case, the hair, with Pistons Hair Restoration for a free consultation.

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