Weekend Beauty Tips Say Good Bye to Dark Patches

Dark patches are the result of the action of ultraviolet rays on the skin. The skin contains melanin, a pigment that protects the skin from ultraviolet light. The more actively it affects the skin cells, the more active is the development of the pigment. As a result, pigmentation spots or dark patches appear.

Sometimes the spots on the face appear on the skin of pregnant women. This is due to a sharp change in the level of hormones in the body. As a rule, after childbirth, when the hormonal background normalizes, pigmented spots disappear.

The appearance of pigment spots on the face can be a consequence of inflammatory processes on the skin. For example, with acne, cuts or other skin injuries.

Some cosmetics are also capable of increasing photosensitivity and lead to skin pigmentation. Lime and bergamot oils, retinoic acid and synthetic flavors are considered to be such agents. In addition, there is a number of drugs that cause skin pigmentation.

Modern cosmetic brands have developed and produced whole series of various creams and serums, lightening the skin, smoothing the tone of the face and eliminating unwanted dark patches. When choosing a particular cosmetic product, please note that it includes the following components:

  • azelaic acid – the acid contained in wheat, barley. This acid is considered a powerful antioxidant, used in the treatment of acne and skin disorders associated with skin pigmentation.
  • hydroquinone – is the most effective substance when eliminating pigment spots on the face. Please note that this substance is unsafe, as it can cause skin irritation, so it is not recommendedfor usage to pregnant women and breastfeeding women.
  • arbutin – a more sparing alternative to hydroquinone of natural origin. This substance is extracted from cranberry, mulberry, and bearberry.

How to wash properly

Doctors do not advise to wash the face every day, using hot water and soap. It dries the skin, making it tightened. For those who have dark patches on the face, it is advisable to replace face wash with face-frozen preparations of various herbs and other products – the main thing is that they do not cause allergic reactions.

  • Lemon and parsley composition. Medium-sized bunch of parsleyshould be poured with hot, but not boiling, water and soak for half an hour. Then strain the broth, pour a little lemon juice into it, half a teaspoon, and freeze it in cubes. The composition not only whitens, but also tones up the skin.
  • Decoction of dandelions. Two hundred grams of dandelionsshould be poured with one glass of steep boiling water and. Cool, drain and freeze in cubes.
  • Honey-and-vinous tonic. Dissolve a teaspoon of fresh honey in thevinous juice. Freeze, and wipe the face with cubes.
  • Salted cabbage pickle and plain milk have good whitening properties. They can be used to rub the skin with excessive pigmentation.

How to get rid of pigment spots at home: simple recipes

There are effective national recipes for getting rid of dark patches on the face and hands, which you can cook at home from improvised means

Honey and salt mask. Take just per one tea spoons of: honey,starch and sea salt. Prepare a homogeneous mixture. Spread a thin layer on the face, not touching the area of the eyes and lips. After the first layer dries a bit, put the second, and then the third layers. Soak for half an hour and remove the compound with warm water. Apply every other day. Perform this procedure for 15 times.

Another popular remedy for combating dark patches is a cucumber mask.Simply grind a cucumber and apply on your skin.

Cucumber tincture for skin. Grate the skin of the vegetable and add a glass of vodka.Mix the substance thoroughly and put in a cool dark place. Let it stand for a week, and get a homemade cucumber whitening face lotion.

A good effect for getting rid of dark patches is being provided by an elementary wiping of problem areas with the same cucumber, sour milk or hydrogen peroxide. If the dark patches appear on the body, it will be good to take a bath with celandine.

So, if you have a bit time for yourself on the weekend, you are welcome to use the recipes mentioned above.

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