Women’s Reproductive Health

An Important and Unique Consideration

Women’s reproductive health is sometimes given less attention than other aspects of health, since it seems so personal and of course represents health issues that only apply to half of the population. But women’s reproductive health is one of the most important aspects of women’s health. Most women know that smoking will hurt their lungs, drinking will damage their livers, and exercise will strengthen their hearts. A woman’s reproductive organs are just as vital to women’s health as these organs, so she should have an equal understanding of what will hurt or help this part of her body.

Once a woman seeks to understand her reproductive health she’ll gain a better understanding of hormone changes within a monthly cycle and be more prepared to deal with the changes in mood that accompany these fluctuations. She’ll also know what’s normal and not normal, and be alert to symptoms of potential women’s health problems. Women’s reproductive health depends and varies based on diet and exercise among other factors, so understanding their own reproductive and sexual health can allow women to regulate their fitness and nutrition to best suit their reproductive health.

Hormones and Organs that Comprise Women’s Reproductive Systems

Every once and a while due to stress or other health concerns, a woman’s hormonal regulation may be thrown off resulting in an altered menstrual cycle possibly causing increased cramping, different timing of period and interference with ability to become pregnant. There could be a more serious women’s health problem behind these irregularities. To ensure women’s reproductive health, women need to get regular pap smears from a women’s health center. Abnormal pap-smear results often cause alarm and fear among women, but they are not necessarily a sign of cancer- although it does mean you should contact a women’s health care physician.

Cervical cancer affects 1 in 117 women in the U.S., so getting a pap-smear test is vital as it helps identify early warning signs of possible cancer and also lead to halting further growth of cervical cancer. Cancers including ovarian and uterine cancer represent a significant portion of women’s health issues, and can destroy women’s reproductive health. In addition to cancers, women are susceptible to ovarian cysts, chronic pelvic pain and fibroids.

The reaches of women’s reproductive health go beyond the pelvic region- the breasts, too, are a vital part of the women’s reproductive system as they enable women to breast-feed babies, providing them with all the nutrients they will need at the beginning of their lives. Breast cancer is a women’s health problem that affects 1 in 8 women, so it poses a serious threat to women’s reproductive health.

Other major women’s health issues that affect women’s reproductive health involve infection of the reproductive system, the most common of which are yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. These conditions are treatable and should be dealt with quickly for the woman’s benefit. However, pelvic inflammatory disease can cause scarring and even infertility if not treated immediately. Thus, it is important for women to consult a professional for women’s health at a women’s health center to make sure they stay healthy.

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